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Partnership or Membership... So what are they all about?

What is Partnership?

At Waymark Church we have two ways for you to get plugged in: Partnership and Membership. Partnership is for those who are still on the fence about becoming a member. Maybe you had a bad experience in the past at a different church, maybe your still looking for the right church to be involved in, or maybe you just are unsure what a member is. This is what Partnership with Waymark Church was created for. Partners with Waymark Church are people who have decided they don't want to just sit on the "church pew" they want to get plugged in. Partners are able to serve in a lot of our volunteers positions at Waymark Church. This incudes First Impressions, helping in Nursery or aiding a Sunday School teacher in the student or kids ministries. They can also serve on our events teams and our world famous Donut Team. However partners with Waymark Church are excluded from volunteer positions in our active leadership roles, Sunday School teaching roles, and are also not eligible to vote during our annual and special called business meetings. 

What is Membership?

Membership at Waymark Church, at the core, is a commitment to Waymark Church as your local church. Although membership role sheets are not taught in the Bible we see that the apostles of Jesus Christ urge people to not forsake "the assembly of yourselves." (Hebrews 10:25) This assembling was a gathering of believers to encourage and worship with one another in anticipation of the return of Jesus Christ. At Waymark Church we encourage everyone who is saved and who regularly attends Waymark Church to become members. This is not so we can say we have a certain number of members, instead it is so that you would commit yourself to a place that is designed to encourage you for the days to come. Some of the other benefits offered to our members are opportunities to serve in all volunteer roles including in our leadership capacity which helps further shape our mission to Love God, Love People, and Serve the World. As a member, you are eligible to vote and approve motions given at our annual and special called business meetings. 

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